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Thread: One Last Blast of Ice before the Spring

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    Default One Last Blast of Ice before the Spring

    Spring is coming and with it a new generation of pokémon as Black and White hit the shelves on March 6th. Before winter and the fourth generation leave, I have one more burst of Ice and Water.
    Shellder gets an interesting boost in the next generation of pokémon play. At level 56 Shellder can learn a move called Shell Smash. This move lowers its Defense and Special Defense one level (33%), but raises its Attack, Special Attack and Speed two levels doubling all three of those stats.
    Cloyster can only boast average speed, but doubling its base 70 speed will allow it to outrun most of the pokémon used in OU play (Electrode is base 140). Played correctly Cloyster would be able take a hit from a faster pokemon with its high Defense, use Shell Smash and then outrun the field. Cloyster may have an advantage in using this move as its Defense is so high that even losing 33% percent would give it a base 120 defense and its Special Defense is so low that it can’t survive most Special Attacks anyway. Another option is to have it hold a White Herb and gain the boosts without the Defense drops.

    These Shellders will have the following moves:
    Ice Shard - (Ice, Power 40, Acc 100)
    Ice Shard is a priority move with a STAB boost once it evolves to Cloyster. Perfect for scaring away those nasty Dragons.

    Rock Blast - (Rock, Power 25, Acc 80)
    A Rock attack that hits two to five times in succession.

    Rapid Spin - (Normal, Power 20, Acc 100)
    Cloyster is a good utility pokemon as not only can it spin away hazards, but can set up hazards of its own as it learns Toxic Spikes at level 1 and Spikes at level 28.

    Explosion - (Normal, Power 250, Acc 100)
    After you have had you fun setting up, go out with a bang and let your sweepers do the rest of the work.

    Shellder comes with two abilities in this fourth generation
    Shell Armor protects it against Critical Hits. Cloyster defense is so high that even without putting any EVs in Defense it usually takes at least three physical attacks to bring it down. Critical Hits can often foil your set up plans.
    Skill Link makes sure that all multi-strike moves will hit 5 times when they land. These Shellders already know Rock Blast and can learn Icicle Spear at level 13. Icicle Spear gets a boost in the fifth generation and its power goes up from 10 to 25 giving you a total of a 125 Power Ice move that will be STAB when it evolves to Cloyster. Cloyster learns Spike Cannon (Normal, Power 20) at level 13 which is also a multi-strike move. These multi-strike moves are great for ripping through subs and burning those Yache berries that some Dragons like to hold.

    These Shellders are all Adamant natured (+Attack, - Special Attack) to boost these physical attacks, but even so a Hydro Pump after a Shell Smash will be devastating to anything that doesn't resist it. They also can learn the Dive HM in the fifth generation giving them a two turn STAB Water move while any Hail and/or Poison from your Toxic Spikes takes its toll.

    Skill Link

    1♂ 29/10/31/29/16/5 Urchin, adopted by Hamzydan
    2♂ 27/31/31/30/4/12 Colossus, adopted by Frawg

    3♂ 29/31/31/9/1/22 adopted by Pikadude609
    4♂ 29/10/31/18/31/15 HP Grass 69 reserved by chiobio
    5♂ 7/31/31/7/31/7 reserved by Caljoones
    Shell Armor
    6♂ 16/31/31/3/20/12

    7♂ 23/31/31/20/17/13 Kalona, adopted by Joha5912
    8♂ 12/27/31/29/27/12 Laksa, adopted by Sorgatani
    9♂ 23/7/31/24/31/18 adopted by El Oreo
    10♂ 29/31/31/18/18/18 adopted by GoldChico
    11♂ 7/31/31/14/31/13 HP Electric 64 CrashrWake, reserved by Pokemancer
    12♂ 29/25/31/29/31/7 adopted by Trombones13
    13♂ 0/31/31/5/31/18 adopted by HMTKSteve
    14♂ 17/29/31/29/23/10 Nico, adopted by Annafu
    15♂ 13/2/31/20/31/12 adopted by FlockOfWingulls

    16♂ 23/23/31/9/23/5
    17♂ 23/9/31/12/23/12
    18♂ 23/18/31/5/31/0

    Skill Link:

    19♀ 29/16/31/14/20/12 Lorelei, reserved by Niteowl
    20♀ 29/15/31/3/8/17 reserved by marshalltheway
    21♀ 18/31/31/5/23/13 adopted by Large Antelope
    22♀ 11/27/31/29/18/9 reserved by robertml

    Shell Armor:
    24♀ 18/31/31/15/31/17 reserved by ???
    25♀ 23/13/31/11/31/25
    26♀ 18/10/31/29/31/5
    27♀ 23/30/31/3/19/11
    28♀ 21/31/31/9/14/9
    29♀ 26/21/31/3/31/15
    30♀ 23/31/31/1/9/0

    If you would like your Shellder named please include that in your post. Please include your friend code and keep in mind I can only trade these to fourth generation games (Diamond. Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver).
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    May I have - 3♂ 29/31/31/9/1/22 please

    I will be able to trade later on, I will post my SoulSilver FC soon as it keeps changing

    Nickname - William
    FC - 0260 9110 6323
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    I'll take #13 please.

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    How about #12, please, with any nickname that isn't a number or SHELLDER (no ideas come to mind :P)? I'll use my Pearl FC. Thanks!

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    2♂ 27/31/31/30/4/12
    NN: Colossus
    please and thank you.
    Last edited by Frawg; 03-05-2011 at 04:25 PM.
    0_0 soon.

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    7♂ 23/31/31/20/17/13 Please
    Nicknamed: Kalona
    I'll be using the platinum FC in my signature.

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    Can I take: 10♂ 29/31/31/18/18/18

    FC on sig.
    Last edited by GoldChico; 03-05-2011 at 10:59 PM.

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    May I please have: # 14♂ 17/29/31/29/23/10?
    Nickname: Nico
    FC: On my SS: 0346-8360-7240

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    I'll take
    8♂ 12/27/31/29/27/12 please

    Name him Laksa for me please.
    Thanks in Advance
    Credit for Michigan Toed image goes to thefuriousangel
    Credit for Jester Politoed image goes to N0t2f34r
    Sorgatani's Pokemon Collection

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    could i have 5 please?
    3DS Friend Code: 4098-4335-9049

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